5 Tips to Increase Productivity Working From Home

With the popularization of the internet and the spread of social networks, work from home has become an increasingly common reality. In addition, the model has numerous advantages when balancing professional and personal priorities. Such as not having to face traffic, being closer to the family and having more freedom to take on other tasks.

Despite this, some distractions from the routine can compromise your productivity. Such as the new Netflix series, playing with the dog, talking with friends, receiving calls from family members, among others. To help you avoid such distractions, we give you 5 tips to increase productivity working from home.

  1. Create a special and comfortable home office

One of the reasons so many people like to work from home is because they can work anywhere. Starting from the TV room while watching TV or while relaxing in bed. Although comfortable, these are precisely the reasons why many people become unproductive when working from home. Especially for those who live with other family members. Using such spaces allows you to be distracted by the activities of other family members at home.

For that, start preparing a special area or even a room to help you focus more on WFH. Let it be away from common activities at home and, of course, as comfortable as possible. Start by ensuring the space has sufficient lighting and air circulation. Keep it organized to avoid unnecessary waste of time.

In addition, invest in a comfortable and ergonomic chair. If you are not comfortable, you will not be able to concentrate and work properly. Remember that you will spend many hours sitting down. So the best thing is that you can have a comfortable chair.

  1. Keep the same life routine

Our second tip to keep your home office productivity high is to keep your daily routine as much as possible. For example, if you are used to waking up at 6 am, exercise, shower and take breakfast before going to work, try to maintain this sequence of actions. This is because, since it was normally performed in your daily life, it has already proven itself fit for your routine and body.

So, regardless of whether you stay at home and do not go to the company to work, try to maintain the same life routine. This is important as it helps the brain to understand that you are going to enter work hours. If you have free time because you no longer have time to travel to work, take advantage of your free time for useful activities such as light exercise or just watch the morning news.

By starting the day with positive and productive activities before starting work, you can build a good mood and atmosphere that will help you stay excited even when working from home. Don't forget to take a shower and wear clothes that are comfortable but still polite enough to work.

  1. Plan your schedule

Another key to making work from home truly productive is working with a purpose. It's not about turning on your computer, getting online and waiting for time to pass. It is important that you plan and organize your to-do list on a daily basis and establish a time to start your activities every day.

Not having a planned day can make you have the feeling that your work is stagnant. This is because if there is no planning, you cannot see the progress of the things you are doing. So, make sure you schedule either daily or weekly every detail of any work that you have to complete. This will help you monitor the productivity of your work at all times.

In addition, make clear working hours limits and follow them. For example, you can start working at 9 am and finish at 6 pm with a hour-long lunch break in between. 

  1. Avoid distraction

When you are at home, of course, there are lots of things that can shift your focus while working. As much as possible, stay away from things that can divert your focus. For example, you can put your smartphone out of your reach to prevent you from checking social media or using it.

If you live in a home with a large number of family members, work in a separate room. If you have young children, give your little one activities that he can do. Know how to separate the moments dedicated to family or friends and those in which the work must be performed.

Lastly, avoid activities related to leisure during work. So, do not leave the television on or consume alcoholic beverages during working hours. This is not good and is very harmful to your daily production.

  1. Stay social and enjoy time outside of work hours

Although work from home allows you to have flexible working hours, discipline in managing time is very important in increasing work productivity. Not only working time and hours, but also time to relax and socialize outside of work hours.

Outside work hours, take the time to socialize by doing activities with people at home. If you live alone, try calling or texting friends or relatives. Also, fill your spare time with hobbies or other activities that you enjoy doing. By maintaining a balance between work and socializing, you can keep your mind fresh and not tired when it's time to work.


With some of the simple work from home tips above, you can make work at home activities so productive. Remember, you don't need to apply all of them right away, but incorporating routines and establishing a home office is a good place to start.

In case you have difficulties, try to identify what gets in the way and put some actions to avoid them. In addition, don't be afraid to look for tips from friends and colleagues who WFH to find out how they are doing it. They can often bring relevant information that can transform your work and production.





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